At the Campus Recreation Complex (CRC), health and well-being are the primary focus when developing programs and services for the Georgia Tech community. The CRC is one of the national leaders in campus Health & Well-Being initiatives and creates an environment of integrated well-being for our students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Using the Georgia Tech strategy model that outlines the five dimensions of well-being (professional, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical) and the levels at which they occur, members of the Georgia Tech community can better define personal journeys towards total health and well-being. The CRC is leading the way in providing an atmosphere that allows the Georgia Tech community to travel their own path to a healthy, smart, and happy lifestyle.

We help our community along that path through access to our state-of-the-art fitness center, world class aquatics facility, and outdoor recreation fields. Our Healthy Lifestyle programs also work to encourage paths to overall health and well-being. Our GIT FIT program promotes activity and restoration through fitness classes, personal trainers, and massage therapy. Outdoor Recreation (ORGT) gets you up, out and about in nature around Georgia as well as abroad through our outdoor adventure trips! Want to compete collegiately in the sports you love? Competitive Sports channels the inner athlete through intramural sports and sport clubs. Whatever your style, the CRC has an activity for you that will best fit your journey to ultimate health and well-being!  

Hours of Operations

View hours for the facility, including the aquatic center, climbing wall, wilderness outpost and more.


The CRC has more than 300 employees that keep our state-of-the-art facility running more than 115 hours every week! Do you want to join our team? We need outstanding students!

Leadership Team

The leadership team oversees operations at the CRC. Please feel free to contact our staff with questions, or comments.

Mission, Vision, Values

Campus Recreation inspires and promotes a healthy lifestyle through diverse, quality recreational opportunities and services to enrich mind, body, and spirit while enhancing lifelong learning.

Facility Information

The CRC is a 300,659 sq.ft. facility that was completed in August 2004. This state of the art facility is a unique expansion of the existing swimming  and diving venue built for the 1996 Olympic Games.

Awards & Publications

Learn more about the CRC facilities, programs, and staff that have been recognized by organizations throughout the U.S.