Intramural FAQs

Please see below for a list of frequently asked questions regarding Intramural Sports.


How can I participate in Intramural Sports if I do not have a team?

How much do intramural teams cost?

  • There is a cost, ranging from $50-$75 per team. There are no individual costs to participate.

Is it possible to reschedule a game if the majority of my team won't be able to make the game?

  • We will only reschedule games if there is conflict with another intramural sport. The majority (60%) of players listed on each roster must play on both teams.

How does sportsmanship points affect the team rating score?

  • Sportsmanship is one of the factors involved in the team ratings score. Depending on what sportsmanship score is recorded it will determine how many of a possible 10 points a team can earn towards their rating score. Other factors are points for, points again and opponents record. 
  • Check out our sportsmanship breakdown.

If my team forfeits a game, is our sportsmanship rating a 0 for that game?

  • If your team forfeits or no shows a game, there is not a sportsmanship rating recorded (unless the game was played and later changed to a forfeit).

What are the jersey requirements?

  • The jersey requirement is that all team members have the same color shirt. They do not have to be matching jersey (as in a set), just the same color. If a sport requires a number then each player must have a visible number on the back of their shirt.


Can I play on two teams in the same sports?

  • Yes, if one of the teams is co-rec. Men cannot play on two men's teams and women cannot play on two women's teams, and no one is permitted to play on two co-rec teams.

What do I need to participate in Intramural Sports?

  • All participants must present a valid Buzzcard before each game. Presenting a Buzzcard that is not of yourself is grounds for confinscation of the Buzzcard and possibly further disciplinary actions.

Are women allowed to play on men's teams?

  • Women may play on a men's team as long as they are not already playing on a women's team in a given sport.

My account is showing that I am not eligible to play intramurals. How can I become eligible?

  • If you have not been ejected or suspended from games then you will need to email In the email state if you are taking at least six credit hours. If you are a co-op/intern student you will need to provide proof of your status and that you have paid the CRC and Activity Fee's.


How are tiebreakers settled when determining who goes through to the playoffs?

  • Tiebreakers are decided first by the head to head game amongst tied teams. If there is a 3-way tie then the tie is broken based off of the point/match differential of the three tied teams:


    Team A 35 Team B 21 (Team A 14, Team B -14)

    Team A 21 Team C 28 (Team C 7, Team A -7)

    Team B 28 Team C 21 (Team B 7, Team C -7)

    Tiebreak: Team A 7, Team B -7, Team C 0;

    Team A would win Tiebreak, Team C would be 2nd, Team C would be 3rd


Can I officiate games if I am currently playing a sport during that phase?

  • You can officiate sports that you currently play. We hold officials training a few weeks before each sport begins. Please contact Darrin Wolfe for more information regarding becoming an official.

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What happens when a game is canceled due to bad weather?

  • The game will be rescheduled and the team captain will be emailed/texted. The day and time of the reschedule will also be available on IMLeagues.

When and where are Intramural games played?

  • All games are played inside the CRC or on the Roe Stamps turf fields. The exception is bowling, which is played at the Student Center. Times are assigned at the time of registration and usually remains constant from week-to-week until playoffs.

How will we know if a game is canceled because of weather?

  • If a game is canceled your captain will receive an email. GTIM will update both the IMOnline website as well as the GTIM Facebook and Twitter pages.