Sport Club Leadership Series

The Sport Club Leadership Series provides leadership guidance to emerging sport club leaders. Our objective has been to create the opportunity for students to enhance particular leadership traits for the sole purpose of improving their personal skill set, thus improving their sport club. It has been our belief that the improvement of leadership within the club will transcend to improvement on the playing field.

We have learned over the years that current sport club officers are immersed in many of the facets associated with leading a thriving sport club.  These include developing and maintaining a budget, fundraising, scheduling court or field space, practice and game management, hiring and evaluating coaches, risk management, and many day-to-day functions that are critical for team success.  The recruitment of emerging leaders is an opportunity to create a sport club officer training ground that will use transformational leadership as it's path, while taking advantage of existing literature and various resources through out the country. This year's series promises to be dynamic and inspiring.  In time, our expectation is all sport club officers will operate with leadership traits and values that allow for a common language, which in turn will provide for a group of leaders who all can share in that knowledge.

Who are the Participants?

 Emerging leaders of a Georgia Tech Sport Club

Why is This Offered?

To create high-performing sport club leaders

Learning Objectives

  • Learn concepts that can transform their skill set and team performance
  • Develop a skill set to create high-performing teams
  • Understand how their personality can impact their leadership style
  • Create a transformational approach to leadership

2018 Participants