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How Do I Get Involved?

Intramural teams are created through common bonds or associations with the community at Georgia Tech.

  • Friends
  • Resident Halls (contact the RA/PL on your floor)
  • Campus Organizations (Clubs)
  • Sororities or Fraternities (the individual Greek organization’s Sports Chairman or President will have information)

Individuals not successful in the above-mentioned efforts still have the following efforts:

  • Register as a Free Agent on IMLeagues
  • Go to some Intramural games and ask around. Women’s teams, specifically, are always looking for new players


Team Registration Policy & Procedures
  • Read registration information from the Intramural webpage (available at the beginning of each phase)
  • Only eligible participants will be permitted to register


Registering Your Team       
  • Online Registration: How to create or join a team.
  • It's a requirement for all captains to agree to the captain's responsibilities prior to registering.  This option is available in the online module (it is offered on the same page as the online waiver).
  • Registration times differ for each sport.
  • Captains are only permitted to register for one team, per sport (Co-Rec sports are considered separate sports for registration purposes only).
  • You must pay for your teams by the deadline.


Paying for Teams
  • The cost for teams varies; however, they typically range from $50-$70. The current process to pay for teams is as follows:
  • Captains must pay for all teams via our online module.  The only exceptions are for captains who make prior arrangements with the Competitive Sports Office with a PeopleSoft number.
  • The payment deadline is listed for each sport, on the intramural website.
  • Refunds for teams may only be done during the registration period.


Levels of Play

Leagues will be broken down into three categories: Open, Women, and Co-Rec. The open league will be further broken down into four different options: Fraternity, Graduate, Housing, and Independent.

Open League

  • Divisions: Housing (Hall Councils), Fraternity, Graduate, and Independent
  • Tournaments: League Championships and School Championships
  • Awards: Championship T-shirts & Team trophy for school champion (upon request)

Women's League

  • Divisions: Independent
  • Tournaments: School Championships
  • Awards: Championship T-shirts & Team trophy (upon request)

Co-Rec League

  • Divisions: Independent
  • Tournament: Co-Rec Championships
  • Awards: Championship T-shirts



The following section outlines requirements for GTIM participation. This section describes general rules and special cases for professional, varsity, and sport clubs athletes.

Student Eligibility

  • A student must satisfy the following requirements which are outlined in the Georgia Institute of Technology Catalog:
  • Be enrolled in a degree program
  • Maintain a schedule with at least six (6) credit hours
  • Be a student in the Division of Professional Practice on work term and have paid the appropriate fees
    • CRC Recreation Fee ($59) provides opportunity to participate in intramurals
    • Rec Facility Fee ($54) grants access into the CRC
  • In participating in sports that do not require access to the CRC, participants are not obligated to pay the Rec Facility Fee
  • Participation may also require satisfaction of any additional requirements established by the Student Activities Committee of the Academic Senate


  • Must be full-time employees.
  • Must pay CRC Recreation Fee to gain entrance into CRC, however those who have not paid the CRC fee can still participate in intramurals that take place outside and not held within the Campus Recreation Center (i.e. flag football)


  • Only eligible for Co-Rec Sports (spouse must be on the same team)
  • Must have a Spouse ID NOTE: Spouse ID’s can be obtained at the Buzz Card Center. Without the ID, the participant will be unable to participate.

Professional Athletes

  • Definition: Any person who has played at any level of professional athletics, which includes signing a professional contract.
  • Eligibility Rule: Ineligible to participate

Current and Former Varsity Athletes

  • Definition: A student who has been listed on Georgia Tech's "varsity squad list/team" for more than one academic year
  • Eligibility Rule: Ineligible to play the respective sport in the same school year. Only one roster member may have been a former varsity team member.

Sport Club Participants

  • Definition: Any person who is listed on the roster, practices, or competes with a sport club which is sponsored by the Student Government Association.
  • Once a person is on a roster and/or participates in a practice/game that person is considered a member of that sport club for the entire academic school year.
  • Eligibility rule: Intramural sports that consist of a playing field of
    • 1-4 players are allowed 1 club player per team for that respective sport
    • 5-8 players are allowed 2 club players per team for that respective sport
    • 9-11 players are allowed 3 club players per team for that respective sport
Sport Club Intramural Sport Playing Field Club Players Allowed
Baseball Softball 10 3
Basketball Basketball (5v5) 5 2
Basketball Basketball (3v3) 3 1
Soccer Indoor Soccer 4* 1
Soccer 10* 3
Ultimate Frisbee Ultimate Frisbee 7 2
Volleyball Sand Volleyball 4 1
Volleyball 6 2
  • *For intramural soccer, goalkeepers do not count toward the number of players on the field.

  • An intramural team found to have more than the allowed number of sport club players will forfeit each game. In addition, the club players will be deemed ineligible for intramural's at the discretion of the Assistant Director, Competitive Sports.
  • To appeal an eligibility status, please submit a request to the Competitive Sports Office.


  • Teams can add to their roster only through their respective team's regular season. Once regular season has finished for a team, no players can be added. Players are added only after agreeing to the online waiver.
  • Note: Participants must be on their respective team's roster prior to their first playoff game.
  • A woman is allowed to participate on all levels of men’s teams but would become ineligible for a women’s team in that sport.
Playing on Two Teams - "One Team Rule"
  • One Team Rule: It is illegal for any person to play on more than one team in the same sport
  • The rule is imposed at the time of sign-in; the player does not have to play in the game


  • The second team that he/she has played on will forfeit the games in which he/she has signed in on the game sheet.
  • Further penalties will be at the discretion of the assistant director for intramurals.
  • Exception: Participation on a Co-Rec team in one sport and another team in the same sport is allowed, so long as the co-rec team is registered in a "Co-Rec" division.


Post Season Play

Playoff Determination

  • Each division will send its top two teams to the playoffs.
  • Teams must have a minimum sportsmanship rating average of 2.75 to be eligible for the playoffs.
  • TIES in division play will be settled in the following way:
  • Elimination from consideration is due to teams who have a "no show" or receive a single game sportsmanship rating below 1.5.
  • Ties will be broken on the basis of the head- to-head competition.
  • If three or more teams are tied, we will look at the head-to-head first, and then break the tie with a point differential, taking only the scores of the respective teams involved versus each other. Points scored for will be compared to points scored against as shown in the following example:

Team A vs. Team B 16 - 8
Team A vs. Team C 16 - 24
32 - 32
Point differential is 0

Team B vs. Team A 8 - 16
Team B vs. Team C 32 - 8
40 - 24
Point differential is +16

Team C vs. Team A 24 - 16
Team C vs. Team B 8 - 32
32 - 48
Point differential is -16

  • Team B is put into the playoffs because of their positive point differential. If two teams in this league advance then Team A would also go because it had the next highest point differential.
  • If point differential is a three-way tie, the next determining factor will be a point differential for all regular-season games. The next determining factor is the rating score, following by sportsmanship average. A coin toss will be the final tie breaker.
  • Note: If a team makes the playoffs but is removed due to an overall sportsmanship rating of less than 2.75, the next highest rated third-place team will be moved into the playoffs (Dugan Rule).

Seeding System

  • The seedings in the playoffs are determined by each team's rating score. This automated program ranks teams based on win %, head-to-head, total differential/points for/points against (depending on sport), and sportsmanship. To find more information on how the rating system works for a particular sport, see below.

School Championships

  • This is the top level of play and the winner of this tournament is the School Champion. The teams in this tournament will consist of the top two teams from each open league (Fraternity, Housing, Graduate, and Independent). If required, an individual tournament will be held for each respective league to determine the top two teams that will advance to the School Championship Tournament.

Co-Rec and Women’s Leagues

  • The Co-Rec League and Women’s Leagues will play in one tournament each. There is no distinction made for Independent or Sorority.


  • Each league (Independent, Fraternity, Housing, Graduate, Co-Rec, & Women) will allow one wildcard team to gain entrance into the playoffs. The wildcard team will be the third-place team with the highest rating score. All tie-breaking procedures will apply. If a team is removed from the playoffs due to sportsmanship, the next, highest-rated third place team in a division will be placed in the respective playoff bracket based on their rating score.

Sportsmanship Scores

  • During the playoffs, teams are expected to show proper sportsmanship and will be held to the same standards as they are during the regular season. Therefore, if a team receives a sportsmanship score of less than 1.5 in any game, they will be removed from the playoff bracket. In addition, if a team receives a sportsmanship score of less than 2.75, they will be placed on probation for the duration of the playoffs. A 2nd sportsmanship score of less than 2.75 will remove them from the bracket.
  • If a team has won their game but is removed from the bracket due to sportsmanship, their next opponent will receive a forfeit win.


Alcohol Policy
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted during intramural play and are not allowed at any intramural locations. This applies to both players and fans. Any alcoholic beverage found in the area will result in the Campus Police being called. This is a campus policy and any team found to be in violation may forfeit the remainder of the season.
  • Further, any person thought to be intoxicated will be asked to vacate the intramural location. Any person not cooperating when asked will cause his/her team to forfeit the game and face disciplinary action. This also applies to players and fans. The offending person will be suspended from intramural activities for at least one semester.
  • He/She must also meet with the Assistant Director, Campus Recreation within twenty-four (24) hours of the incident. Failure to comply may result in the offender’s name being turned over to the Dean of Students’ Office for further action.



Since poor behavior is detrimental to the success of our program, the following penalties are in place for individual incidents. The development of sportsmanlike behavior is one of the major goals of the Intramural Program. An individual must be able to accept defeat without blaming others. Our program is for individuals who play and live by the rules. To encourage sportsmanship, the following policies have been developed:

Ejection Policy

  • Anyone ejected from an Intramural event will be subject to the following policy: The supervisor will forward the offender’s name to the Competitive Sports Office. The offender must contact the office to schedule a meeting; the offender will be deemed ineligible until he or she has meet with the Competitive Sports Coodinator.

Disrespect Toward Officials and Student Supervisors

  • Any player addressing an official or supervisor in a derogatory or discourteous manner disqualifies him/her immediately for the remainder of the game and must leave the site. Ejection Policy in effect.

Shoving or Striking an Official or Student Supervisor

  • This shall result in suspension for a minimum of the remainder of the school year to possibly permanent suspension and referral to the Dean of Student’s Office for further disciplinary action. Ejection Policy in effect.


  • A minimum of two weeks suspension from ALL Intramural sports and possible disqualification for the remainder of the year. Ejection Policy in effect.

Code of Student Discipline

  • A student, upon registration at Georgia Tech, agrees to conform to its regulations and its policies and is subject to disciplinary action by the Institute for any violation of the Student Discipline Code.


Sportsmanship Rating

GTIM uses this ratings system for player and team sportsmanship for Intramural games. After each game, the officials and supervisors rate each participating team on their sportsmanship. The final judgment is with the student supervisor.

In the Truest Spirit = 4.0 points

  • Excellent attitude. A pleasure for officials and opponents to interact with. Team has winning and losing in perspective such that their conduct in all ways provides an example for the league and the program.

Very Good = 3.0 - 3.5 points

  • Team shows good sportsmanship. Full cooperation with officials. Opponents treated with respect. Obvious good attitude. No warnings, ejections, yellow cards or unsportsmanlike technical fouls.

Acceptable = 2.75 points

  • Still shows cooperation with officials and opponents; however, some complaints and grumbling. Good attitude is missing on occasion. No blatant displays of bad attitude. Captain is in control of team. Maximum of one unsportsmanlike technical foul or yellow card. No red cards or ejections.

Below Acceptable = 1.0 - 2.0 points

  • Continuous complaints to officials about calls and interpretations. Clear bad attitude or misunderstanding of the Spirit of Competition on the part of one or more players. Captain/manager is not in strong control of team’s players. Team may receive yellow cards or 1-2 unsportsmanlike technical fouls.

Poor = 0 - 1.0 point

  • Blatant disregard for the Spirit of Competition, officials, and opponents. Play is dangerous with occasional intent to injure opponent. Captain/manager has no control of team conduct. Team receives multiple yellows or a red (ejection) card.


Captain's Responsibility

The person delegated by a team to be captain is responsible for fulfilling the following duties:

  • Ensure each member of the team has agreed to the online Waiver and Assumption of Risk form
  • Enter his/her team in the desired sports on or before the announced closing date
  • Keep fully informed of eligibility rules and abide by them. The captain is completely responsible for the eligibility of his/her members
  • Keep in close and frequent contact with the Intramural staff
  • Notify team members of the rules of the game and game schedules so that all are have been placed on the roster
  • Represent his/her team at all meetings, protest negotiations, etc. for which he/she is asked to be present
  • Ensure that his/her team is never credited with a loss because of a forfeit or a no-show
  • Cooperate fully with the Intramural staff on all matters pertaining to the successful operation of the program
  • Maintain high standards of sportsmanship for his/her team
  • Keep thoroughly informed of the Rules of Conduct
  • Check the web pages for the information regarding his/her teams’ activities and schedules


Protest Policy
  • Protests will only be accepted when challenging a rule interpretation. Judgment calls CANNOT be protested.
  • All protests must be made to the supervisor on duty immediately following the play in question. Once another play has occurred, the protest becomes invalid.
  • The supervisor will stop play and log the protest on the game sheet. Once the protest has been logged, play will resume.
  • The team that files the protest must contact the Competitive Sports Office the next day to set up an appointment with the Competitive Sports Coordinator.
  • The respective team will be required to bring a check made out to "Georgia Tech" for $10.00. This is a protest fee.
  • If the ruling is overturned, the check will be returned and the game will be rescheduled, starting from the point that caused the protest.
  • If the ruling is denied, the final outcome stands


General Intramural Policies
  • Proper athletic attire is required for all intramural play, and is subject to variation due to the nature of the sport.  However, it is CRC policy to require a closed-toe athletic shoe.
  • Jewelry is prohibited from all intramural play. This includes ear rings, necklaces, belly rings, and wedding rings.
  • Students are not permitted to use another student's Buzz Card to sign in to play. If found to be using someone else's card, both the player who signed in and the name on the Buzz Card will be deemed ineligible for intramural for at least one full semester and possibly one year.
  • Any intentional or unintentional act by any player or team that attempts to undermine or circumvent our policies may result in a forfeit loss.  This will be applied retroactively, if needed.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Georgia Tech Intramurals does not carry any insurance for injuries that occur during play or during activities sponsored throughout the program.


  • The Intramural Program within the Campus Recreation Department at Georgia Tech has several opportunities for student involvement through employment. The program sustains over 50 student employees per semester and is always accepting applications from interested individuals. These positions within the Intramural Program can offer the Georgia Tech student an array of skills and mechanics that can be carried over into real world applications. Many employers today are looking for people who can operate in a team environment, effectively communicate with consumers, program management, and can learn to identify and resolve disharmony in a situation. All of these skills can and will be learned by an individual who seeks to become part of Intramurals. And the great part is, no experience is necessary; we will provide all the training!
  • Any interested students should call the Competitive Sports Office at 404.894.9984 or email us at


Rating Score
  • The rating score, as previously mentioned, is only used to seed the playoff brackets after teams have earned their place in the post-season. The score does not place teams in the playoffs. However, there is one exception. The highest rated third-place team in each league will move on to the playoffs as a wild card.

Forfeits and No-Shows

  • There are games throughout the season that result in a forfeit or no-show. When a game is played and the team that won had an illegal player, the game will result in a forfeit win for the other team. The sportsmanship score for that game will be included in with the other variables.
  • However, when the game is not played due to a team not showing up or not having enough players, the rating score system handles the breakdown a little different. The sportsmanship score will be factored in taking the average of all games played and assigning the appropriate point value. Keep in mind this is a retroactive score, in that a team's sportsmanship score for that game will change throughout the season as they play more games and are given sportsmanship scores for those games.
  • There is no other change needed for forfeits or no-shows. Teams that win by either will be given their respective points for game won, points for, points against, and their opponent's record, based on the following forfeit scores.