CRC Vehicle Policies & Procedures

The Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) has vehicles available for rent by campus departments or those involved with the outdoor recreation or competitive sports program areas. Please review the policies, and follow the procedures prior to submitting a vehicle request.

Reservation requests not affiliated with the CRC require drivers to be full-time faculty or staff of Georgia Tech.

Be advised: Do not send separate emails for each document.  We only authorize drivers who submit the Vehicle Request Form.


Step 1: Certifications

The Defensive Driving Class and/or Van Safety Class is provided by Georgia Tech Environmental Health & Safety Department (EH&S). This is an online class.

There is one requirement to be eligible to drive Georgia Tech vehicles, not including vans:  Defensive Driver Class (DDC);
There are two requirements to be eligible to drive Georgia Tech vans: 

Defensive Driver Class (DDC)
Van Safety Class

Faculty, staff, and students can now enroll themselves in the courses. 

To request access to the online Van Safety and Defensive Driving course:

Go to and log in.

Select "Classes by Title" on the left.

Scroll down and select "15 Passenger Van Safety” or "Defensive Driving Online"  (it will open in a new tab).

In the new tab, click "Van Safety” or “Defensive Driving".

Click "Enroll Me".

Take the course.

Take the final test.

Step 2: DMV Points

For those with a Georgia driver's license, the Georgia DMV provides a free up-to-date report listing the total number of points (if any) on your license.  Those with a non-Georgia license, please contact your respective state's DMV for the report.

This report is valid for one year.

Step 3: Georgia Tech Motor Pool PIN Number

A PIN number allows the driver to refill the CRC vehicle using gas cards, and is required to use a CRC vehicle. To receive your specific PIN number, all drivers must complete the following tutorials and complete the agreement form:

  • Note: This form must be signed off by the driver's supervisor.

Copies of the above certificates and the signed copy of the Fuel Card Agreement form are to be mailed, faxed, or dropped off to Georgia Tech Fleet Services.  They will NOT accept email. You will receive a document with your personal PIN number from Fleet Services.

Step 4: Submitting Documentation

All required documentation (DDC and/or Van Safety certificates, DMV Points, PIN number document) must be scanned and emailed to the Competitive Sports office at the CRC. Be sure to include all documents in one email.

Additional Requirements

A database of eligible drivers will be kept and maintained by the CRC.  In addition to the above-required certifications, drivers must not have received the following within the previous three years (unless otherwise specified).

  • Accumulated more than 10 points on his/her driving record;
  • Received a citation (ticket or warning) while driving on Institution and/or USG business;
  • Had an “at fault” motor vehicle accident within the previous six (6) months;
  • Been convicted of one of the following offenses:
    • Driving Under the Influence (DUI);
    • Driving While Intoxicated;
    • Leaving the scene of an accident;
    • Refusal to take a chemical test for intoxication.
Policies & Important Information

Driving Policies

Every driver agrees to abide by the following practices and policies as the operator of a Georgia Tech vehicle (including vehicles rented for Georgia Tech purposes):

  1. Obey speeding and traffic laws;
  2. Ensure passengers and drivers wear seat belts.
  3. Not drive if have consumed alcohol or drugs w/in the previous eight hours.
  4. Not transport alcohol or illegal drugs in a Georgia Tech controlled vehicle.
  5. For every four hours of driving, take a minimum break of 20 minutes.
  6. Not drive more than eight hours in any 24-hour period.
  7. Not drive between 12am-5am.
  8. Not transport passengers in a vehicle that are unsafe.
  9. Report vehicle maintenance concerns in writing immediately upon return to GT.
  10. Not “overload” a vehicle (see vehicle manual for rules and guidelines).
  11. Not operate a cell phone while driving.
  12. If there is an accident in a GT vehicle, no matter how minor, notify proper personnel. A police report must be filed if a vehicle is damaged as the result of a collision.
  13. Notify staff of changes to my driving record (violations, suspensions, accidents).
  14. With accordance to Georgia Tech policy, only nine passengers may ride in a van.
  15. Any trip over 300 miles one way must have two approved drivers (per vehicle).
  16. No firearms are permitted in CRC vehicles.

GPS System

All CRC vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS units.  Drivers have no responsibility for any aspect of their operation; they are installed out of sight and beyond access.  Attempting to disable or otherwise modify the unit will result in loss of vehicle privileges and possible further action against the individual and organization.

The units will compile second-by-second information on driver behavior, vehicle location, and speed.  Notifications will be sent to the CRC when irregularities occur.  These include, but not limited to, deviation from route, erratic behavior (speed, sudden stops), and traveling outside the permitted hours (midnight - 5 a.m.).

Our intention is to provide safe travel for those who use the CRC vehicles.  To that end, the following guidelines will be applied.

  • Data from the GPS units will be reviewed after each trip.
  • Driving discretions will be addressed between the driver and/or organization and the program administrator and may result in driving privileges being suspended.
  • The CRC or program administrators reserve the right to deny requests or privileges at their discretion.

Charges and Payment

  • $35/day (unlimited mileage)
  • The per-day charge applies when a vehicle is reserved or used in any part of a day.  Example: an organization reserves an SUV from Friday – Sunday, departing on Friday 7pm and returning Sunday 1pm, the rental charge will be for three days ($105).
  • Drivers will receive the vehicle with a full tank of gas. It must be returned with a full tank of gas. There will be a $6/gallon charge added to the invoice for vehicles needed to be filled up by the CRC upon return.
  • Repairs to state-owned vehicles that are not the result of normal “wear and tear” will be the responsibility of the club/organization utilizing the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle is returned excessively dirty, there will be a $50 cleaning fee added to the invoice. (This is a standard rate. If the charge is more than $50 to clean a vehicle rented by your organization, the organization will be charged the amount it costs to have it cleaned).
  • The CRC will issue an invoice to the organization once the gas charges have been confirmed.  Departments will utilize the journal-entry method for payment. 
  • A charge of $75 will result in a lost key.

Gas Cards

  • All vehicle packets will have a gas card that is unique to that vehicle. That gas card can only be used for that vehicle.
  • Personal credit cards are not permitted for gas unless for some reason the state cards are not working.
  • Use only regular unleaded and be sure to accurately enter the mileage when prompted by the system; these are state policies.
  • Only gas may be purchased with these cards. Please leave any receipts in the packet.
  • A charge of $50 will result in a lost gas card.


  • Campus Recreation programs have priority for all CRC vehicles.  This priority will extend through the first two weeks of each semester.  Beginning the third week, reservations will be handled from all organizations on a first come, first serve basis.
  • An email response to all reservations will be made within two business days.
  • Only the approved driver(s) are permitted to receive the packet from the CRC.
  • Vehicle packets for confirmed reservations can be picked up at the Member Services Desk in the CRC. Upon return, packets should be returned to the same desk. Be sure to complete the Trip Report Card located in your packet.  Packets can only be secured when the CRC is open.
  • All vehicles are parked on Tech Parkway next to the Health Center and should be returned to that same location.