Outdoor Recreation


Welcome to Outdoor Recreation at Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech has one of the best outdoor recreation programs with adventure trips, leadership opportunities, outdoor gear rental and a leadership challenge course! 

Adventure Trips

Outdoor Adventure Trips

Outdoor Recreation offers adventures trips each semester, including trips ranging from mountain biking, cascading, kayaking, and more. Tech Treks, freshman outdoor orientation trips, are available during the summer.

Gear Rental

Person renting a paddle at the wilderness outpost

The Wilderness Outpost offers a variety of equipment rental options, including kayaks, canoes, backpacking gear, and more.

Leadership Challenge Course

Leadership Challenge Course

The Leadership Challenge Complex provides users with powerful learning experiences through custom workshop topics created to maximize learning outcomes while providing a unique adventure.

Tech Treks

outdoor challenge

Tech Treks are freshman orientation trips that take place in the summer. Designed to be a metaphor for entering the difficult academic rigor of Georgia Tech as well as the new frontiers of life on your own, this adventure will challenge you to do your best as well as ask you to look inward. Each day, a portion of our time will focus on an aspect of your time at Tech – your expectations, fears, and celebrations.


CORE is a leadership development program offered through Outdoor Recreation. CORE benefits students in the following ways:

  • Expanded capacity to lead
  • Experience managing a campus organization
  • Connections – both interpersonal and professional
  • Exciting experiences-- Rafting, biking, caving, paddling, traveling!

Get Involved

Join over 100 volunteer student staff and alumni who lead adventure trips and outdoor trainings.