Membership EligibilityFront of CRC

To access the CRC, you must have a BuzzCard and have a current membership.  For additional questions about membership eligibility or to schedule a tour of our world-class facility, please call the Member Services desk at 404.385.PLAY (7529) or

Membership Terms

All memberships begin from the date of purchase.  For example, a one-month membership starting on July 8th will expire on August 7th.


We accept:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • BuzzCard
  • Personal Checks (Current Members Only)

Faculty and Staff, Affiliates and Retirees
Guest Passes
Parking Information
Part-time Student, Co-op, Cross-Enrolled
Spouses/Domestic Partners
Student Not Enrolled in Summer

Georgia Tech Students
Students enrolled in 4 or more billable hours at Georgia Tech for the current semester pay mandatory student activity fees, which include access to the CRC during that term.

Students who are not enrolled in 4 or more billable hours at Georgia Tech for the current semester (Co-Op, Intern, Cross-Enrolled, not taking classes for 1 semester, etc) and meet the Bursar’s office eligibility guidelines may pay the voluntary “Campus Recreation Center (CRC) Fee” to access the CRC. Payments will be posted to the student’s account the following business day.

Student access to the CRC (via mandatory or voluntary student fees) begins 4 days prior to the start of the term and ends 1 day prior to the start of the following term.

Co-op, Part-time, Cross-Enrolled and Students Not Enrolled For the Current Semester
For membership to the CRC, please go to the Bursar's Office and pay the Voluntary Student Fee for the current semester.  Please note that CRC access will expire the Sunday before the first day of a new semester.

Georgia Tech Faculty/Staff, Affiliates and Retirees

Cost: $24 per month (3 month minimum). 

  • Memberships can be purchased at the Member Services Desk in person or completed applications can be faxed to 404.894.9981
  • All benefits eligible employees of Georgia Tech can sign up for payroll deduction of their membership. To cancel payroll deduction, one must submit a request to
  • Affiliates are guests of Georgia Tech or a member of an affiliated organization participating in activities that support our Institute's mission and require access to our internal IT systems. 
  • Third-party employees of affiliated organizations consist of individuals who are conducting business on behalf of Georgia Tech. Examples include contractors, independent consultants, temporary agency employees, the Alumni Association, and state and federal agencies


Cost: $30 per month without a parking permit  (3 month minimum required)
         $48 per month with a parking permit (3 month minimum required)

  • The $48 membership and parking permit package may be purchased only at the CRC (3 month minimum required).
  • Alumni who are already members may purchase a parking permit at the CRC only for $18 per month (3 month minimum required).
  • The parking permit expiration date may not extend beyond the membership expiration date.


Cost: $10 per month. 

  • Spouses may be added to any membership after the spouse has obtained a BuzzCard.
  • A spouse may not have a membership without the primary member having a valid membership. 
  • Memberships can be purchased at the Member Services Desk in person or completed applications can be faxed to 404.894.9981


  • Each person who has a current membership may add their dependent minors (children) under the age of 18, to whom they are the legal parent or guardian, to their membership at no cost.
  • A parent or legal guardian must sign a liability waiver for their children to be added to their membership or enter as a guest.
  • A parent or legal guardian must remain with children at all times while using the CRC.

Please note that the CRC Spring 2016 Program Guide inadvertently refers to children as “18 or under.”  This should read “under the age of 18”

Guest Passes
Cost: $5/Students

  Patrons eligible for membership who do not have a membership may purchase a daily pass for themselves to enter the facility the same day.

  • Guest passes are a benefit of membership and may only be purchased by members.
  •  Guest passes may be purchased at the Member Services desk during all hours of operation.
  • Members are responsible for and must remain with their guest at all times.  If the member leaves, the guest must also leave.
  • A member may bring up to two (2) guests per visit.
  •  Guest passes are sold for the day of visit only.
  • A current government-issued photo ID is required for all guests and single entry visits.  A second form of identification may be requested.
  • Guests that are minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parent or guardian while using the CRC.

Parking & Transportation

Parking and Transportation Services schedules and regulations are subject to change. Parking location availability is subject to posted closures for events and construction. Please visit for additional information.

Biking & Boarding
The CRC offers bike racks outside of the entrance and now offers a skateboard rack just inside the entrance!  Please lock your belongings.  The CRC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 


  • The Red, Blue, Green Buses and Tech Trolley conveniently stop at the CRC.
  • Transit operates year-round with the exception of official Institute holidays.
  • Each service complies with the recommendations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Boarding fees or IDs are not required to use the transit system.

Annual Parking Permit Holders

  • Annual individual permit holders may park in the W10 parking deck Monday through Thursday 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. and weekends beginning Friday at 4:30 p.m. through Monday at 8:00 a.m.
  • Annual individual permit holders may also park in the W06 zone on Tech Parkway to utilize the CRC.
  • For transit maps and estimated arrival times, use or download the mobile app.

CRC Alumni Parking Permit Holders

  • A CRC Alumni Parking Permit may only be purchased at the Member Services desk.
  • A CRC Alumni Parking Permit is valid only in the W06 zone.
  • A CRC Alumni Parking Permit is classified a temporary permit.
  • A CRC Alumni Parking Permit may not extend beyond the membership term and are subject to a 3-month minimum.
  • Georgia Tech alumni, or their spouse/partner, who are eligible for an Annual Individual Parking Permit (including all faculty, staff, students, affiliates or contractors) are not eligible for a CRC Alumni Parking Permit.

Retiree Permit Holders

  • Retirees may purchase permits for any ungated, non-residential parking zone at Parking & Transportation Services office.
    • We recommend the W06 or W01 zones
  • Retirees who are working part-time at the Institute can also request gate access for one gated parking area.
    • We recommend the W10 parking deck.


  • Hourly parking is available in the Area 3 visitor surface lot directly across from the CRC.  Enter via Ferst Drive.  Cash and credit are accepted at all visitor lots.
  • Parking meters are located on campus and offer a short-term parking solution.  Many meters can be paid by using ParkMobile.
  • Handicapped parking on the campus of Georgia Tech requires that a state-issued disability hangtag or license plate and a Georgia Tech parking permit be displayed.
  • Parking is authorized in any handicapped space on campus with these credentials (hourly parking fees apply to customers parked in handicapped spaces within visitors parking areas).

Do you want to renew your membership or have a question?  We would like to help.  Please stop by the Member Services desk in the front lobby of the CRC or call us at 404.385.PLAY (7529).  You can also e-mail us at

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