About the CRC Facilities

CRCCurrent Facility
The Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) is a 300,659 sq.ft. facility that was completed in August 2004. Located off of Ferst Drive on the West side of campus, this state of the art facility is a unique expansion of the existing swimming  and diving venue built for the 1996 Olympic Games.

The CRC provides the students of Georgia Tech with a premier recreation and aquatic center, one that encompasses the best in student life and recreation. The CRC is also a world class aquatic facility for men's and women's varsity swimming and diving team, and attracts premier national, state and local aquatic events.


Georgia Tech's original Student Athletic Center (SAC) was built in 1977. In 1996, Georgia Tech was chosen as the site of the 15,000 seat aquatic venue for the Summer Olympics in Atlanta .

The facility was attached to the existing complex and was built as a freestanding, outdoor shelter for the swimming and diving competitions. After the Olympics, the aquatic facility was incorporated into what we now call the Campus Recreation Center.


Game Room
The game room is located on the fourth floor and includes three ping-pong tables. Come and hang out, challenge a friend, or watch for annual tournament play. The room is open to all members and equipment can be rented at the equipment issue service desk on the fourth floor.

H20 CafeH2O Cafe
The H2O Cafe overlooks the Crawford Pool and is a great place to study, meet up with friends, or grab a snack. Freshens Smoothies has opened and offers more than 20 delicious selections made from fresh fruit and healthy boosters. You can also find a selection of candy, protein bars, sandwiches, salads, snacks, drinks, and even Starbucks coffee, brewed daily. Visit GT Dining for more details!

The CRC offers free wireless connection to anyone on campus who has access to The Georgia Tech LAWN (Local Area Walkup & Wireless Network). It is designed for students, faculty, staff, and institute guests who are mobile network users.

Walk-Up Use
GTvisitor access can be purchased at any time by "associating" with (sometimes called "connecting" or "joining") the GTvisitor wireless network (SSID), and then opening an Internet browser. Any attempt to access a website will cause the login page will be displayed. The login page gives new users the ability to create a user account and purchase access securely via credit card. Returning users can login to the network and, if necessary, re-activate an expired account. Walk-Up rates for GTvisitor is as follows

  • $3/day
  • $10/week
  • $30/month

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