Activity Rooms

Large Activity Rooms (rooms 240, 249, 251)CRC Activity Room
The three activity rooms are located down the main entrance hallway by the door to the competition pool spectator seating. Each offers space for groups to meet for parties, organizational meetings, or other activities.

  • Seats 32 people
  • Tables and Chairs (may be arranged as needed)
  • Dry Erase Boards on the front wall
  • Television, DVD player, VCR


Large Conference Room (room 231)CRC Large Confeence Room
Between the administrative offices and the H2O Cafe is a large conference room available for meetings and presentations. The room offers the ability to setup laptops for presentations.

  • Seats 22 people at conference table with additional side seating
  • Large conference table with built-in electrical connections
  • 60-inch TV that is networked for presentations
  • Pulldown projector screen (wide-screen)
  • Sidebar for serving refreshments
  • Overlooks Crawford Pool


Small Conference Room (room 207)CRC Small Conference Room
Within the administrative offices, there is a smaller conference room perfect for smaller groups and gatherings.

  • Seats 10 people at the conference table
  • Two whiteboards on the walls
  • Built-in table electrical connections


Activity Room (room 134)
Located on the first floor of the CRC, the activity room provides the perfect meeting space with a view! Overlooking the competition pool, this room can be used for casual meeting space as well as for presentations and parties.

  • Seats 35-50 people, depending on seating style
  • Kitchen with full refrigerator, dishwasher, coffee maker, sink, and microwave
  • Mounted television, DVD player, and VCR
  • Sliding glass doors with direct access to the Competition Pool

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