Registration & Payment Options


If you are an alumni OR Faculty/Staff and not a CRC member, the system will not provide you with the discounted rate.  Unfortunately, we can only address this after you have registered.  Therefore, please register and we can refund or credit the $50 discounted amount once your status has been confirmed. Please email your GTID to the trip leader.

Deposits & Payment

When registering for the Ground Package, full payment must be made.  Look for "CRC Ski Trip: Ground Package" to register.
When registering for the Plane Package, only the deposit is to be paid initially ($500).  This will secure your spot.  The balance for the plane package is to be paid separately and access to the registration link will be made within two business days of securing your spot.  The deadline for your balance is November 13, 2018.  When registering, look for "CRC Ski Trip: Plane Package Deposit" to register
Payments for rentals or the extra-day lift ticket can be paid separately but must be done before the deadline.

Registration & Refund Deadlines

  • A non-refundable amount of $100 is applied after September 1, 2018.
  • The registration and refund deadline for the Plane Package is October 12, 2018.
  • The registration and refund deadline for the Ground Package is November 13, 2018.
  • Ground Packages can be transferred.

Accommodations/Maximum Occupancy

We will all be staying at the Beaverhead Condominiums. This trip is based on Maximum Occupancy. For example, a 6-person condo has a bedroom with two queen beds and a pull-out couch that sleeps two. All units have a fully functional kitchen (and individual hot tub).  If an individual would like their own bed/room, an additional fee of $425 can buy each open space (if available).  There is a 99.9% chance you will have to share a room/bed unless you’re able to purchase an open bed. The trip leader will work with each group in an attempt to secure the most appropriate room for them.

Optional 5th Day Lift Ticket

The ground and plane packages both include a 4-day lift ticket.  A 5th-day ticket is available for $55 and must be purchased prior to the trip.  The deadline is November 13, 2018.