GT student staff posing with outdoor gear.

Wilderness Outpost

Want to plan your own "Do It Yourself" adventure?  We’re here to help. To encourage Georgia Tech to get outside and enjoy the healthy powers of nature, we offer:

  • affordable camping gear rental fees;
  • convenient boating, backpacking and camping "packages"
  • and are available to discuss outdoor topics like how to set up a campsite, great meals to cook on a camp stove, and how to prep for your first backpacking trip.  

Looking for a place to go hiking or camping? Our staff is happy to serve as your “adventure consultants”.  Need suggestions or have questions? Just ask an Outpost team member.

Rental Gear Requests

We are open to rent quality camping gear. Call 404-894-7420 during open hours. You can order online and pick up in-person without entering the CRC.

We are currently taking reservation requests for rental gear. Please submit your online request 48-hours in advance of pick-up. You may pre-order gear up to 10 days in advance of pick-up. Last minute plans? Call us, and we'll try to help.


Current Georgia Tech students, faculty & staff are eligible to rent gear. All published rates are student rates. Faculty and staff rates, which are not subsidized by student fees, are twice these published rates. You do not need any prior experience or affiliation with Outdoor Recreation Georgia Tech to rent gear. All gear rental must be in line with our gear rental agreement.


Enter through the front doors or the CRC and follow signs to ORGT or enter through the rear of the building (Tech Parkway side) next to the lowest level of the parking deck. Look for the "Outdoor Recreation Georgia Tech" sign above the stairwell entrance.

Equipment Reservation Details

We have initiated a "No entry, No Touch" equipment reservation, pick-up and return process. When you order equipment, you will be asked to set an appointment for pick-up and return of your gear. Shortly after ordering, you will receive an e-mail confirming your order, the cost of your order, and instructions for how to pay online. Please pay within 24-hours of receiving your order confirmation. We will have your order waiting for you when you arrive at the Outdoor Recreation offices behind the CRC.

Order/Reserve Equipment

Scheduling Gear Pick-ups & Returns

  • Gear is picked up and returned at ORGT (behind the CRC). It is a no-entry process. We’ll meet you outside at the requested times for pick-up and return. 
  • Saturday and Sunday pickups and returns are not available.
  • Pick up gear Thursday, 2-7 p.m., or Friday, 2-5 p.m.
  • Return gear Monday or Tuesday, 2-7 p.m.
  • Other pick up times and returns can be arranged (except on weekends).
  • Please wear a mask when picking up or returning even though you will not enter the CRC to pick up your gear.

Available Rental Equipment

We rent a full line of quality equipment. Have something special in mind? Ask us. We rent more than is listed below or see the Reservation Request Form.

We do not rent:

  • First aid kits, ropes, technical climbing gear, caving equipment, whitewater rafts, dry suits, SUP’s, break-down paddles, trailers, or bikes.

Published prices are discounted rates through December 31, 2020.

Backpacking & Camping Packages


2-person Outpost Camping Package - $40

  • One 4-person tent or two 1-person tents (limited supply); 2 sleeping bags; 2 pads; 2 chairs

4-person Outpost Camping Package - $75

  • Two 2-person tents; 4 sleeping bags; 4 pads; 4 chairs

Backpacking Package for 2 - $70

  • 2 backpacks; 2 sets of hiking poles; tent--double or 2 singles; 2 sleeping bags; 2 pads; backpacking stove, fuel & pot

Boating Packages


Boats require a $300.00 credit card hold. If you rent a boat, bring straps to attach it to your vehicle. We do not provide these.

Sea Kayak Package - $40

  • Sea kayak, spray skirt, paddle and PFD

Canoe Package - $30

  • Canoe, up to 3 PFD’s, 3 paddles, small dry bag

Recreation Kayak Package - $20

  • Recreational kayak, paddle, PFD

Whitewater Kayak Package - $40

  • Kayak, paddle, helmet, PFD and spray skirt

Camping-Related, Individual Items & Extras

Backpacks - $10: Various sizes

Camp Chair - $4: Low to the ground; great around a campfire

Cook pot and/or Fry Pan

  • Stainless steel pots and fry pans cannot be used over a campfire; $5.
  • Ladle, spatula, large spoon, etc.; $5.

Cooler (Ice Chest) - $5: Large size

Pop-Up Pavilion - $25: Limited supply

Sleeping Bags & Sleeping Pads

  • 40-degree, 30-degree, 20-degree or 0-degree bags; $12.
  • Full length, closed-cell foam pad; $3.


  • Coleman 2-burner camp stove with fuel; $10.
  • “Pocket Rocket” backpacking stove with fuel; $10.


  • 2-person; $12.
  • Single person, $15
  • 4-person;  $15.

Trekking Poles - $7: Rented in pairs

Water Cooler - $5: 5-gallon

ORGT Staff Equipment Requests

  • Active MOU-holding ORGT volunteers have limited access to specialty items depending on their level of training. Why? To promote experience building and skill development. 
  • To access specialty gear, ORGTeers must be "Active". Don't know if you're still active? Email David Knobbe.
  • For General Camping Gear:  Follow the procedures outlined above. Make requests through the outpost.
  • For Sport-specific Specialty Gear: Send an e-mail to
  • Set an appointment to pick up gear on Thursday or/and Friday. There is no pick-up available Saturday or Sunday.

Your Specialty Gear Request

  • Provide 48-hours notice.
  • You can only request gear from your own sport.   
  • In the body of your e-mailed request, identify your role with ORGT and describe each item you are requesting. Include size and quantity needed. Photographs make it easier for Outpost staff to Identify get ready exactly what you are requesting. 
  • DETAILS help Outpost staff fill your order.
  • At no time during process can the renter enter the ORGT cage area.   

Limits on Allowable Quantities

  • Every sport limits who can access specialty items and what quantity is allowable for each training level – IIT, instructor, or trip leader. 
  • If your request exceeds what might be considered a prudent and reasonable amount of equipment for one person to check out, the Wilderness Outpost staff will forward your request to the Assistant Director.