Vernon D. & Helen D. Crawford Pool Rules & Regulations

For the Health, Safety and Enjoyment of all swimmers, please abide by the following:CRC Crawford Leisure Pool

  1. Swimming allowed only when Lifeguard(s) present.
  2. Proper swimming attire is required.
  3. Only appropriate sport drinks or water are allowed on deck; all other food and drink is restricted to the patio outside.
  4. No glass allowed in facility or on the patio.
  5. Do not hang on or swim across lane lines.
  6. Starting blocks are for competitive and instructional use only.
  7. No running allowed on deck or in facility.
  8. Kickboards and pull buoys are available for workouts; they are not to be used as life preservers.
  9. Adults with non-swimming children must be within an arm's reach at all times; this also applies in the water.
  10. Use of the current channel should follow the direction of the water flow unless a specific training class is using the channel.
  11. The stairs are for entering and exiting the pool, please do not block the stairways.
  12. Jumping from the pool deck in to the pool area next to the spa is not allowed due to the underwater bench.
  13. Staff will provide assistance with the chair lift upon request.
  14. After sunbathing, please take a shower before entering the pool or spa. A shower is located on the patio for your convenience.
  15. Do not swim if you have an infectious or communicable disease.
  16. Do not leave valuables unattended. Utilize day lockers or rent a locker. We do not take responsibility for loss or theft.

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