Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs are part of the competitive sports program at the CRC, and all 40+ clubs compete inter-collegiately. However, the real benefit of sport clubs lies with the welcoming culture each team provides for its members. Whether it is practicing, competing, socializing, or even learning the sport, sport club student leaders provide a fun and engaging atmosphere for Georgia Tech students. To begin your journey, contact the sport club(s) you are interested in for more information.

Sport Club of the Month- GT Women's Soccer

Congratulations to GT Women’s Soccer for being the featured sport club of December! Over the years, this group of motivated athletes has used its commitment to contribute to many successful soccer seasons. GT Women’s Soccer has made it to regionals for three consecutive years and has competed in nationals twice.

Current Clubs

Georgia Tech Lacrosse

To begin your involvement in sport clubs view the current clubs, and contact the club you are interested in.

Club Resources

Resources for coaches, and players regarding risk management, finances, travel and more.

Sport Club Leadership Series

Women's Crew

The Sport Club Leadership Series provides leadership guidance to sport club leaders.

Visitor Information

Entrance of the Campus Recreation Center

Information regarding contact information, directions, and parking.