CORE is a leadership development program offered through Outdoor Recreation. CORE benefits students in the following ways:

  • Expanded capacity to lead
  • Experience managing a campus organization
  • Connections – both interpersonal and professional
  • Exciting experiences-- Rafting, biking, caving, paddling, traveling!

CORE Structure

  • Between October & May, you'll attend one meeting per week.
    • Sessions led by faculty, staff and alumni
  • Each month, you'll be expected to attend a one to two day adventure.
    • Outdoor adventures provide real challenges and real problem-solving. They are true opportunities to test yourself and learn from other leaders.
  • Three times during the year, you'll engage in a hands-on project that might require 2-3 hours.
  • Final challenge: We'll provide resources for you and your peers to mount a multi-day expedition with help from ORGT trip leaders.
  • Adventures are led by ORGT trip leaders -- students, staff, & alumni qualified to lead technical adventures. While it could be said that leading outdoor adventures is not "rocket science", we just happen to have rocket scientists leading our outdoor adventures!

Please Note: CORE members will not be allowed to participate in an ORGT sport during their first semester. It is more important that the CORE class develops as a community of leaders than begin working through the staff progression.

CORE Leaders

Matthew Lemons
Matthew Lemons is a fifth-year Computer Science major who has been involved with ORGT since 2016. He is an active trip leader within the Cascading sport group and has served the ORGT Executive Board as the VP of cascading and a member at large. Last summer he assisted leading the Atlanta Summer Program during the outdoor portion. Outside of ORGT, he has co-oped at GTRI and worked within multiple research labs on campus.
Ryan Avery
Ryan is a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering major who has been involved in ORGT since 2015. In his time at ORGT, he has led Tech Treks Alaska, served the ORGT Executive Board as Vice President of Training, and is an active Cascading Trip Leader. Outside of ORGT, Ryan worked as an engineering intern at Honda Aircraft and as an undergraduate researcher on campus.
Please Note: The CORE leaders positions are appointed by a committee comprised of ORGT students, leaders, and full-time staff