The Leadership Challenge Course (LCC) is a uniquely designed facilitated training that delivers an inspiring team experience. The LCC encourages discussions about the kind of skills that enhance performance, such as leadership, teamwork, productivity, effective communication, adaptability, and focused problem-solving. Staff facilitate discussions that connect what happens as part of the experience with topics relevant to the group.

Challenge course experiences are appropriate for student organizations, work teams, businesses or any group that thrives on effective communication and teamwork. 

We are currently rebuilding our capacity to serve groups. We are currently not serving participants younger than 16.

Please contact Lori Smith, Leadership Challenge Course Coordinator, by email or phone at 404-385-6267 about your group's specific needs.

Take Your Team To The Next Level

Elevate your experience on the Leadership Challenge Course!

High Ropes Program

Our high ropes program is our most popular option. Groups will begin the program with an introduction to the day and a large group activity. Next, participants will divide into smaller groups for ground based activities. After, groups will begin a safety briefing and will be headed up across our course. Each section of the course has problem-solving activities which are designed to encourage groups to work together to overcome obstacles. The high ropes course ends at our zip-line where participants get a fun exit to the ground. Participants will finish the program with a wrap-up discussion to look at their entire day and what they learned.

Group Activities Program

Like our high ropes program, this option will always begin with an introduction and large group activity, followed by dividing into small groups and ground activities. Ground activities can provide just as much learning and amazing experiences as the high ropes course and is great for large groups or those who are less adventurous. We are also able to come to a site of your choice for an additional travel fee.

*We can add the zip-line onto ground activity programs that are 2 hours or longer for an additional $10/person.

LCC Cost Summary


  Ground (1-2 hrs)   Ground (2-4 hrs)   High Ropes (4 hrs)


GT Students Faculty/Staff Youth, Churches, and Schools Corporate
$20 per person, $200 minimum $30 per person, $300 minimum $30 per person, $300 minimum $50 per person
$30 per person, $300 minimum $40 per person, $400 minimum $40 per person, $400 minimum $75 per person
$40 per person, $400 minimum $45 per person, $450 minimum $45 per person, $450 minimum $95 per person


LCC Add-Ons

Zip-line (ground only, 2-hour program minimum) Additional $10/person
Off-site Travel ITP (Ground Only) $50 flat fee
Off-site Travel OTP (Ground Only) Pricing Varies, $50 flat fee + standard mileage rate
Programs Over 4 Hours Additional $10/person
Photo Packages Pricing by request



Is there a discount for Alumni?

Currently, we do not offer any discounts to Alumni.

When should I book?

You will need to have your program scheduled a minimum of two weeks prior to the date, with all necessary paperwork completed at least 5 business days prior. We suggest booking at least one month or more in advance especially during our busy season from April – September.

Is there a large group discount?

All our rates are currently designed as group rates, and we do not have any additional discounts available.

Is there a minimum number of participants?

Yes, all programs must have a minimum of six participants. Groups bringing less than 10 participants will be charged the minimum group fee which is based on 10 participants.

For corporate groups, we base the cost of on a per person basis. The minimum fee is based on 6 persons for high course programs and 10 persons on low courses.

What is your weight limit?

250 lbs.

What is the age requirement?

Participants must be 13 years or older.

Can I bring my family/birthday party?


What are your hours?

Our course does not have set hours and is opened for individual programs. Programs are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except for some holidays.

Can you accommodate people who need special accommodations?

We work with people of all types and needs. Our ground activities are universally designed and are accessible for everyone to participate and engage on equal footing. Our high course can accommodate a wide variety of participants but does have accessibility limitations. If you have anyone who will need accommodations, please let us know and we will be happy to work to give everyone the best program possible.