The CRC practices sustainability in its daily operations. Our main goals are to consume less energy, use fewer resources, and produce less waste while actively helping our staff and patrons achieve their well-being goals. Besides the projects we have listed below, we’re also part of the campus-wide AWARE program thru Georgia Tech Facilities Management. To learn more about sustainable initiatives at Georgia Tech visit the Campus Sustainability website.

Sustainable Facilities

LED Conversion: Lights in the fitness center, basketball courts, and the Crawford Leisure Pool were converted to LED beginning in 2017. The project included the installation of intelligent lighting control devices with motion and daylight sensors, full range dimming capabilities and system input devices. The Stamps Recreation Fields upgraded to LED lighting in Fall 2022. Lastly, the LED conversion for the McAuley Aquatic Competition Pool and Dive Well is underway.

Demand Control Ventilation: The energy-saving system uses sensors to ensure that the correct amount of outside air is brought into the CRC building, based upon demand that is determined by the amount of CO2 in the air.

Rain Infiltration Area: Since 2014 Stamps Recreation Fields, the most utilized practice field in the Southeast, is a rainwater infiltration area that recharges Georgia Tech's basin's groundwater system. The infiltration cells installed beneath the field allow up to 44,500 cubic feet of water to be gradually released in the ground.

Sustainable Operations/Initiatives

Paperless Operations: Member Services desk receipts are emailed to customers and all program waivers are filled online. Also, business intelligence software eliminates paper associated with most of the internal reporting and records.

Sustainable Transportation:  In coordination with Parking & Transportation and the Bike Georgia Tech, the "Commuter Shower Pass" expands access to showers on campus for active commuters. Passholders may access the CRC locker rooms and towels between 7-9am for only $5 per month.  

MoveGTThe goals of the initiative are to inspire the Georgia Tech community to engage in more physical activity and to connect through an increased sense of well-being and belonging.

Green Exercise

The CRC offers programming to get the Georgia Tech community moving in the outdoors, which not only improves physical wellness but reduces stress, boost mood and self-esteem, and helps people to connect with nature*. Join an outdoor fitness class or explore diverse opportunities for adventure with ORGT.

(*The great outdoors: how a green exercise environment can benefit all)