A male GT student who's a lifeguard at the CRC.

Interested in becoming a lifeguard at Georgia Tech? We hold open interviews for lifeguarding and pool techs every Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. in the CRC Room 134.

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Awesome staff
  • Special rate meet pay

We offer American Red Cross lifeguard certification courses including CPR for the Professional Rescuer and Oxygen Administration.

Class Prerequisites

  • Swim continuous crawl or breaststroke – 300 meters
  • Tread water without using arms for two minutes
  • Timed brick dive
  • Feet first surface dive to 17 ft deep (GT specific for dive pool depth)

Important Class Information

  • Online course portion must be completed prior to the first day of the course. This will be sent in an offer letter after your interview.
  • Bring a pen and/or pencil each day.
  • Bring a swimsuit and towel each day.
  • You will be very active while learning skills in the water, so wear an appropriate swimsuit.

Training & Hiring Info

Employee Cost: $40 to cover Red Cross certification card. Certification is good for 2 years.

Application: Apply online. At the end of the application, there is a place to enter your availability for an interview. Candidates must interview before taking the lifeguard certification course (if not already certified). 

Interviews: We have OPEN interviews every Tuesday at 5pm at the CRC, Room 134.

*Hired lifeguards must complete and pass certification course prior to employment. Already certified lifeguards will be required to pass a skills evaluation prior to employment.

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