Sport Clubs are part of the competitive sports program at the CRC, and all 40+ clubs compete inter-collegiately. However, the real benefit of sport clubs lies with the welcoming culture each team provides for its members. Whether it is practicing, competing, socializing, or even learning the sport, sport club student leaders provide a fun and engaging atmosphere for Georgia Tech students. To begin your journey, contact the sport club(s) you are interested in for more information.

Current Clubs

To begin your involvement in sport clubs view the current clubs, and contact the club you are interested in.

Club Resources

Resources for coaches, and players regarding risk management, finances, travel and more.

Sport Club Leadership Series

The Sport Club Leadership Series provides leadership guidance to sport club leaders.

Sport Club Award Recipients 2021-2022

Sport Club of the Year

Swim Club

What is the club's proudest moment from this season or yearWhile we are always proud of the hard work our swimmers put in to win meets, this year our team has been working extra hard both in and outside of the pool to pull off hosting College Club Swimming Nationals. With 69 swimmers competing and even more who qualified, we’ve had plenty of our swimmers swimming countless laps to bring home a trophy this year. But beyond the water, there is an even larger effort run by our Meet Director, the nationals committees, and our team volunteers to make one of the largest swim meets in history happen. This year’s nationals will have 2000 swimmers from 120 teams across the country and we are so proud to make this event possible for the college club swimming community.

What are some club accolades that you would like for us to share? Won first place at the following meets: Auburn, Clemson, USC and twice at home meets. 

Female Athlete of the Year

McKenzie Tuttle (Equestrian Club)

4th year Biomedical 

What is your proudest moment from this season or year? 

  1. My proudest moment of the season was our first competition at Mississippi State. We hadn't competed in a year and a half due to the pandemic and had many new members who had not been to an IHSA show before. At the farthest competition we had travelled to date, and without our coach, we came together and took home the champion ribbon! It was a great weekend of learning and bonding, and I was super proud of the whole team.

Male Athlete of the Year

Ty Parrillo (Roundnet Club)

4th year Civil Engineering 

What is your proudest moment from this season or year? My proudest moment of this year was after our elections and our new officer board was elected, our new officers were running practice, and I looked around at about 30 people having fun playing roundnet and it really hit me how wonderful a community we built. As a freshmen, myself and some others started a club with about 6 people and we currently have 35 club members that have roundnet as a source of community, exercise, competition, friends, and family. It made me proud to watch the new officer board running practice and feeling confident that this club would be around for a long time, continuing to be a source of positivity for Georgia Tech students for years to come